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Enzacta Alpha Energy  Less than on Amazon

Enzacta Alpha Energy Less than on Amazon

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Enzactas Alfa Energy

Enzactas Alfa Energy: the secret that transforms water and transforms lives. Alfa Energy's ability to transform regular water, creating true structured water, supports your body's ability to at once nourish, hydrate, cleanse and raise the pH of your cells. It provides a unique delivery system for oxygen, minerals, enzymes and amino acids that are rapidly absorbed and utilized by every cell in the human body!

Alfa Energy brings vital nutrients IN, and moves harmful toxins OUT!*

Alfa Energy's structured water easily flows in and out of the cells, delivering nutrients and whisking away toxins for maximum cellular health. It has been said that there is only one disease, but it has thousands of names with too few nutrients reaching the cells, too many toxins in the body, and an acidic environment.

Alfa Energy Nourishes: All the ingredients in Alfa Energy are natural substances. Alfa Energy assists the body during every stage of nutrient absorption. It's like a nutritional superbooster maximizing the nutrient value of every food and supplement you eat.

Alfa Energy Hydrates: Regular water has difficulty hydrating cellular membranes - and it doesn't absorb nutrients or purge toxins easily - your cells have toxic build-up and don't get all the nutrients they need. Water molecules are very large, and difficult to absorb into the cells. Using 21 Century nano-technology, Alfa Energy breaks the surface tension of the water to an amazingly tiny size, allowing it to be absorbed quickly and efficiently into the cells. Not only does Alfa Energy deliver its own nutrients into the cell, but it also provides an unsurpassed delivery system for nutrients from other foods and supplements taken in the same 24 hour period.

Alfa Energy Boosts Cellular Oxygen Levels: Alfa Energy's structured water has up to 50% more oxygen than regular water for instant alertness, energy and stamina all day, and peaceful sleep each night. Alfa Energy delivers up to 50% more oxygen than regular water which means you may notice a boost in focus and memory you'll be sharper and clearer for hours.

Alfa Energy Detoxifies: Oxygen is the body's ultimate cell detoxifier. Most products attempt to force oxygen into their formulas in the form of dissolved oxygen. Alfa Energy generates abundant oxygen within the body by weakening the electron bonds (surface tension) of water molecules in the body, releasing oxygen and hydrogen ions for the body's use. Oxygen is critical for the healthy function of the body. It fuels all of its systems, fires its chemical reactions, and eliminates wastes and toxins.

Alfa Energy raises your pH! Elevated acidity levels in the body are associated with almost every degenerative disease - with consistent use, structured water lowers acid levels to fight illness and disease. When you use just a few drops of Alfa Energy in everything you drink, body pH can become more alkaline, helping to fight toxins, free radicals, stress and illness that lead to degenerative disease.

Athletes Love Alfa Energy: Alfa Energy is effective in enhancing stamina for sports and exercise, enabling extended workouts, marathons, etc. with energy to spare! With Alfa Energy your cells can run at peak efficiency. Healthy cells regenerate the tissues and organs in your body. Your body is stronger and more efficient.

Dieters Love Alfa Energy: Alfa Energy feeds your metabolism - and your metabolism drives healthy weight management, hormone balance and recovery from injury and daily physical and emotional stress.

Health Conscious People Like YOU Love Alfa Energy: Structured water flows freely in and out of cells, delivering nutrients and sweeping away toxins that can build-up and lead to fatigue, illness and disease.

Alkaline water helps to neutralize acids and remove toxins from the body. Alpha Energy, when added to our drinking water, and any other liquids we choose, also facilitates optimal cell-to-cell communication in the body leading to stronger cellular healing and assimilation. Over 99% of all chemical reactions in the cells are facilitated by water. Much research has been conducted on the effects of structured, alkaline water on the body's response systems. Reports from studies suggest that structured or clustered water can help the body resist disease and slow aging by: Increasing Intracellular Hydration Replacing Depletion of Essential Minerals Stabilizing and Protecting Cells Helping To Maintain Normal Blood Flow and pH Flushing Out and Preventing Wastes from Accumulating in Cells Preventing Free Radicals from Forming Water is critical to assist the general detoxification process and to re-hydrate the cells and tissues. Give yourself the gift of vibrant health and energy by adding a few drops of Alfa Energy to your water and other liquids.*

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary

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