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KegelMaster Heavy Duty Spring Set

KegelMaster Heavy Duty Spring Set

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KegelMaster Heavy Duty Spring Set

Your KegelMaster Springs will include a set of four heavy duty springs.

Incontinence & Kegel Exercises

Incontinence is sometimes temporary, caused by pregnancy, a urinary tract infection, a vaginal infection, constipation or some specific medications. But incontinence can also be caused by muscular problems, changes in the pelvic region after childbirth, a hormone imbalance, or a neurologic disorder. Kegel exercises are the typical prescription whatever the case.

You will find many websites describing the "kegel exercises" that were discovered by Dr. Arnold Kegel over 50 years ago. That is because Kegels are the most significant discovery to help women with incontinence problems.

Originally Kegel exercises were done just by women after childbirth to rebuild the vaginal muscles and help with stress incontincence. Later Dr. Kegel discovered that muscle weakness could be found in most women over 40, causing pelvic discomfort, bladder dysfunction and sexual disturbances. From that he concluded that all women should be doing a variable resistance pelvic floor muscle exercise for their general health.

The Problem With Plain Kegel Exercises

What most of what most of these websites won't tell you is that Dr. Kegel's invention was not just a pelvic floor muscle exerciser, but a Biofeedback device called the "Kegel Perineometer".

The important difference between what people are calling a kegel exercise what Dr. Kegel discovered is the "Biofeedback" part. That means that while the exercise is being done, the exerciser is given feedback on how they are doing. None of the exercises or devices available on the market today provide this feedback ... except for the Kegelmaster.

Most women who just "do" kegels usually have minimal results due to the lack variable resistance and no feedback to determine if they are doing the exercise properly. The most common problem is contraction of the abdominal muscles at the same time as the PC muscle. When this occurs the abdominal muscles (which are bigger and stronger) push down on the pelvic floor and can actually make the problem worse. That is why the Kegelmaster was invented. It is the first and only (patented) kegel exerciser to provide both progressive resistance and biofeedback in a compact, inexpensive and easy to use device.

Enhancing Sex & Kegel Exercises

The Kegelmaster offers women a way to rapidly improve vaginal muscle strength and tone. By doing so, women have experienced great sexual benefits by adding resistance to simple kegel exercises. Some women have reported being able to have an orgasm after having years of difficulties. Other women have stated that after the first use of the Kegelmaster they were able to have more intense orgasms. Although women have said they are having stronger more satisfying orgasms, they are also saying they are easily having multiple orgasms.

So what is the key to the success stories of these women? By adding progressive dynamic resistance to Kegel exercises, women have used the Kegelmaster to strengthen the vaginal walls and tone the muscles responsible for such orgasms.

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5 Stars
These springs work great! The ones that come with the Kegalmaster are good also but if you need them more heavy duty these are great!
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